Good Health Non-GMO Veggie Straws 6.25 oz. Bag

Flavor: Aged White Cheddar
Size: 2 Bags
Sale price$21.99
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At Good Health*, we believe the secret to a great "Lifeitude", aka loving life to the fullest, is feeling good. That's why we pack our Veggie Straws with extra goodness! like nutrients (vitamins!) from tomatoes, spinach, beets, broccoli and carrots to deliver a truly delicious snack so you can...Enjoy Being Good! The following individual vitamin values found in 1 ounce of Veggie Straws are also found in the following quantities of vegetables: 2 1/2 Cups Broccoli = 25% Vitamin A!* (227 g). 3 1/2 Beets = 25% Vitamin C!* (287 g). 5 Tomatoes = 15 % Vitamin E!* (615g). 7 Cups Spinach = 20% Vitamin B6!* (210g). 2 Carrots = 20% Vitamin K! (122g).

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