Located in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, PAChips.com is proud to provide the best snacks on Earth, shipped fresh and fast to your door.

The team at PAChips.com loves snack foods from Pennsylvania just as much as you! There's nothing like a great snack from one of the world's top areas for quality snack food production.  

Since 2013, we have been hard at work establishing direct relationships with the country's top snack food companies. This ensures you a quality product, fresh from the factory, shipped fast to your door at a reasonable price.

We are proud to service a wide variety of customers! PAChips.com is popular with...

  • Families who once lived in Central Pennsylvania, but have moved outside of the area and can't find their favorite snacks at their grocery store.
  • Visitors to the Central Pennsylvania area who get hooked on a great chip or pretzel and would like to stock up once they get home, without packing their car full of snacks!
  • Those who live in Central Pennsylvania and want to send gifts of their favorite snacks with their friends and family across the country, or to our active duty military across the world (thank you for your service!)

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.

With over 20 years experience in shipping, all our snack food products are securely packed and delivered through the U.S. Postal Service or UPS. We have developed packaging standards to ensure that your foods arrive at your door just like you'd bring them home from a Central Pennsylvania store.

We welcome you to PAChips.com - enjoy looking around, and we'll look forward to your next order!