Boulder Canyon Avocado Oil & Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, 5.25 oz. Bags

Number in Pack: 3-Pack
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Inspired by the carved canyons outside our home town, these wavy Canyon Cut chips are cooked in pure avocado oil for a uniquely subtle, buttery flavor. Thickly cut and satisfyingly crunchy, your favorite dip will be asking for more. Made with premium American grown potatoes from and original family recipe, they're kettle cooked in small batches and seasoned to perfection. Boulder Canyon believes that a significantly better chip can be produced by a combination of a thicker cut chip, slightly higher cooking temperatures, lighter cooking oils and a shorter frying time. If you look closely you’ll see hundreds of tiny bubbles cooked across the face of our chips. This is a result of a revolutionary kettle-cooking method pioneered in Boulder, Colorado back in 1994.
  • We use premium American-grown potatoes and cook them in the small batch kettle process identified as optimal plus we use premium avocado oils that allow for higher cooking temperatures.
  • We avoid inexpensive flavorings and instead choose only natural ingredients and strive to make the best tasting potato chip EVER.
  • Boulder Canyon is proud to be among the natural food innovators out to prove that a better experience exists when using real food ingredients.

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