Utz Quality Foods Potato Chips "The Crab Chip", 6-Pack Family Sized Bags

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The crab chip has been a staple in the UTZ potato chip family for years. We take our famously fresh, crispy potato chips and season them with delicious chesapeake bay crab seasoning. You may not be able to enjoy the luxury of crabs by the bay every day, but with UTZ crab chips you can savor that legendary chesapeake bay crab flavoring anytime on the perfect chip. Made from fresh whole potatoes sliced thin, Utz has been perfecting awesomely delicious original chips since 1921. Utz's "The Crab Chip" is a regional favorite, showcasing the distinct flavor of Maryland Chesapeake Crabs. Goes great with seafood dishes, any sandwich, or as a snack on its own. So grab a bag and get snacking!

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