Utz Honey Wheat Twist, Stix & Unsalted Sourdough Pretzel Variety 3- Pack (16 oz. Bags)

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Try the great taste of Utz Braided honey wheat twists pretzels: a delectable combination of sweet honey and wholesome wheat in a braided twist shape. And, with only 2 grams of fat per serving... a guilt-free snacking option. As with all Utz products we guarantee its freshness and quality. Utz pretzels... grab a bag today and get snacking!

Let your memory take you back to another place and time. Remember as children, how you liked to visit the local country store? There you could buy pretzel sticks for a penny! UTZ has recreated that unique product with our country store pretzel stix. Hugely popular in our country store pretzel stix barrel, Utz also gives you the same great quality and unique taste in our grocery store line of pretzels. Utz pretzels... grab a bag today and get snacking! This product has less than 1g sugars.

Ever wanted to enjoy sourdough pretzel flavor without the crusty bite of a hard pretzel? That's what makes these Pennsylvania Dutch classics so special. Rich sourdough taste in a crackery, soft-bite pretzel. And, Utz specials are baked to perfection with no added salt and only one lonely gram of fat per serving. Utz pretzels... grab a bag today and get snacking!

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