Stirrings, Tabasco & Zing Zang Bloody Mary Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mix, For Bloody Mary Lovers, Variety 3-Pack

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Sample ALL 3 popular Bloody Mary cocktail mixers in one convenient order. Stirring: Blend of Tomato Juice Concentrate and Horseradish. A key ingredient in our Bloody Mary Mix is a pinch of sugar, which helps cut the acidity of the tomato. Along with real cane sugar, our easy Bloody Mary recipe uses real horseradish, hot sauce, and a blend of spices that will really kick up your brunch. Tabasco: What makes TABASCO Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Mix special is the grated horseradish, which loses its pungency over time, the grated horseradish in TABASCO Bloody Mary Mix keeps all of the kick and flavor is the very last drop! Zing Zang: They've added a combination of spices and broth that makes Zing Zang different. Juices from 14 vegetables total 80% of the mix ingredients. The result, we think you will agree, is an extremely refreshing, full-bodied beverage.

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