Mrs. Miller's Homemade Fig Jam and Dandelion Jelly Variety 2-Pack, 9 oz. Jars

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Made from the deliciously ripe mission figs, Mrs. Miller's Homemade Fig Jam packs the distinctive honey-like taste fig lovers love. With its tiny seeds spread throughout, it carries a beautiful appearance as well. Folks love our Fig Jam on their toast, muffins, & biscuits. Dandelion Jelly is a unique jelly with a honey-like taste and is made from the dandelion plant. The dandelion plant is considered a healing herb that is full of vitamins and minerals by the Herbalists. Enjoy this sweet jelly on toast with a hot cup of tea for a simple yet soothing breakfast. Hand scooped in Ohio’s Amish Country. Shipped Free of Charge to Your Home or Business

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