Middleswarth Kitchen Fresh Potato Chips Bar-B-Q Flavored The Weekender - 3-Pack 9 oz. Bags

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And now you can have enough "kitchen fresh" potato chips for a whole weekend of fun, the weekender package has enough chips for any family gathering, party or picnic... Enough for a full weekend of televised football, baseball, basketball, racing or any other sport... Even enough if you go to the big event in person. So buy the weekender a plan your weekend of fun around our.... Kitchen fresh flavor! Finally, the right potato chips in the ideal package. GUARANTEED FRESH - Our chips are guaranteed fresh until the printed day. Shipped factory fresh each day! WHOLE GRAIN GOODNESS - We carefully make our chips using the finest whole grain ingredients! NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TRANS FAT - Middleswarth's has removed all preservatives and trans fats from our Potato Chips!

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