Ka-Me Hokkien, Udon, Soba & Thai Ribbon Stir Fry Fresh Cooked Noodles, Variety 8-Pack

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UDON: Udon (Japanese Thick Noodles) are a staple of the Japanese diet. They can be eaten cold or hot.Add KA-ME Udon Noodles to a miso soup for a hearty, flavorful dish. SOBA: Soba Noodles are an everyday ingredient in Japanese cooking and Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. Wholesome and versatile, Stir-Fry variety is ready in 90 seconds for an easy, authentic Japanese meal at home. They can be eaten hot in ramen topped with thinly sliced scallions and sesame seeds or served chilled with a variety of sauces, including teriyaki and soy sauce. HOKKIEN: Hokkien Noodles originated in the Fujan Province of South Eastern China in the 19th century. KA-ME Hokkien Stir-Fry Noodles are wheat-based noodles and are used in many Asian cuisines. They are ideal in a stir-fry, salad, soup or a favorite noodle recipe. THAI RIBBON: Thai Ribbon Stir-Fry Noodles are the foundation of the Pad Thai dish, one of Thailand’s national dishes. Thai Ribbon Noodles are common throughout Thailand, Vietnam and in regions of China. KA-ME Thai Ribbon Stir-Fry Noodles are made from both wheat and rice flours. Enjoy the Thai Rice taste anytime.
  • Fresh Cooked, Heat and Serve.
  • Ready to Eat in 2 Minutes or Less.
  • KA-ME is the brand of Asian ingredients that simplifies meal planning and preparation to give individuals and families the confidence to make delicious Asian food at home.

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