Herr's, Martin's, Utz & Bachman Baked Cheddar Cheese Curls Variety 4-Pack

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Herr's, Martin's, Utz & Bachman Baked Cheddar Cheese Curls Variety 4-Pack

Product Overview

Made from pure corn meal and baked to a puffy perfection, Herr's 8.5 oz. baked cheese curls have crispy goodness blend of savory cheeses. Like all of our other quality products, they're made with only the finest ingredients.Martins family has been making potato chips and snacks for over 50 years. With our dedication to quality and commitment to excellence, we believe that Martin's 6 oz. cheese curls are the very best. Every customer is special and each sale carries our guarantee of quality.Try Utz 8.5 oz. Baked Cheese Curls for a taste of irresistibly cheesy goodness! Made with real cheddar cheese, these crunchy, munchy curls are finger-licking fun you won't want to put down! Their crispy cheesy goodness makes for a cozy feeling with every bite.Bachman Jax 6 oz. Puffed Curls are made with real cheddar cheese and have a unique flavor and texture you are sure to love. Slow baked and indiviually puffed these corn snacks will be hard to resist! Always a customer favorite these are perfect for lunches, the office or sending to someone in need of some serious munchies!


  • Try and Compare These Tasty Baked Cheese Curls Variety Pack
  • One Bag Each of Baked Cheddar Curls From These 4 Popular Snack Food Companies.
  • GUARANTEED FRESH until the printed day. Shipped factory fresh each day!
  • Pure corn meal and real cheese to make these tasty sensations!
  • NO PRESERVATIVES, NO TRANS FAT - removed all preservatives and trans fats.

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