Bachman Jax Cheddar Cheese Curls And Bachman Twist Pretzels Variety 4-Pack

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Unlike others, we make our delicious Bachman twist pretzels the old fashioned way - by actually twisting them! We've been doing that since 1884, first by hand as our founder J.S. Bachman did, and now by a special method created and developed at our historic heritage center bakery to ensure their exceptional crispiness and crunchiness. The heritage center is our special facility where our bakers are dedicated to the old-world craft of making real - not "stamped" --TWIST pretzels. These exclusive Brick Oven Flame Baked pretzels also have the unique Bachman taste advantage. We know you will love them! 1. We start with only the finest, wholesome ingredients. 2. Then knead the dough to create the very best "pretzels texture". 3. Roll & twist it into a loose "knot", and... 4. Top these "twists" with a sprinkle of salt. 5. They are then Brick Oven Flame Baked in our vintage ovens for that extra special flavor. 6. Resulting in the crispiest, crunchiest, best tasting, real twist pretzels! Great for desserts and special occasions too! Enjoy Bachman twist pretzels as a quick delicious dessert: With your favorite ice cream.

Our Jax Puffed Curls are made with real cheddar cheese and have a unique flavor and texture you are sure to love. Slow baked and indiviually puffed these corn snacks will be hard to resist! Always a customer favorite these are perfect for lunches, the office or sending to someone in need of some serious munchies!

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